Monday, December 28, 2009

Title: And winter was between him
Date: 2009
Medium: linocut
Dimensions: 9 x 12

Hello everyone! I thought I would tell you about my print that I have entered into this show. I got an email from Derrick Riley telling me about this project which called printmakers to compose a print that would be based on the themes of the movie, "And white was the night." I haven't seen the film before and went solely off of the description of the movie that was downloaded from the film's website and came up with this piece. I wanted to tackle the themes of the film that I found were the most intriguing to me, once I read the synopsis of the film. What jumped out to me the most was the description of one of the character's most treasured possessions; his Bible and his gun. I would portray in my piece the redemptive qualities of the Bible and how could erase his past by entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ and by reading the Truth of God in His Word. I am depicting the winter of his life that is between the light of communicating with God in a relationship with Him by reading the Bible and the darkness of rejecting God by taking matters into your own hands and carrying a gun and the dangers of the duality of existing in both frames of mind. It took me several hours of researching, drawing, carving and then actually printing the piece at a printmaking cooperative here in Portland, Oregon, where I now reside, called Atelier Meridian which is run by master printmaker Jane Pagliarulo. It was a very easy print to pull and there were not very many troubles with it at all.

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